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Institute of Jewish Studies

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The Institute of Jewish Studies is a uniquely focused program for committed Christians who are interested in studying the Scriptures in-depth.

I invite you to consider all that the Institute of Jewish Studies has to offer. Our desire is to equip you as a servant of our loving Lord and Savior.

Clarence Johnson, Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2012—Session 1
August 13 - September 22

Enrollment begins» July 23

God's Relationship with Israel

Study God's purpose for Israel, His covenants with Israel and how they have directed God's dealings with Israel throughout history.


Examine the struggle of Hebrew Christians in the first century in this book rich in Old Testament teaching.

Jewish History: Ancient

Survey the historical movements of the Jewish people from their birth to the present.

Life of Christ

Study the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah, with special attention to the Jewish background of the Gospels.

Fall 2012—Session 2
October 8 - November 17

Enrollment begins» Sept. 17

Daniel / Revelation

Study the two apocalyptic books and their rich teaching with attention to their relationship to each other.

Holocaust & Anti-Semitism

Examine the history of anti-Semitism including its causes and the most monumental event in history, the Holocaust.

Jewish Culture & Customs

Examine the Jewish religion, its feasts, lifecycle, worship and dietary laws along with other customs and observations.

Making Christ Known

Study common objections to the Christian faith and their answers, while focusing on opportunities for making Christ known to the world.



What People Are Saying...

"I consider studying at IJS one of the best experiences in my life, not only for the knowledge that I got but for the many friends from around the globe that I found in my classmates."

—Juan from Argentina

"Taking IJS courses has had a tremendous influence on my life. I have so enjoyed getting to know fellow believers of all ages from around the world who are united in their passion for the Lord, Scripture, and the Jewish people. Denominational barriers are not there. It is so nice to have friends from around the world that will pray for me and encourage me in the Lord."

—Kimberly from Grand Haven, Michigan

"If you are beginning your biblical studies - IJS is for you. If you enjoy a collaborative learning experience- IJS is for you. If you are looking for excellence in continuing education - IJS is for you. I have been through various academic settings and have multiple degrees, but I have never had a more enjoyable learning experience than IJS provides - I highly recommend it."

—Larry from Savannah, Tennessee

"What IJS classes have done for me is increase my knowledge of the Bible beyond what I could have ever imagined! I have been able to take the wisdom and the knowledge that I have learned in the classes to go out and minister to the lost and sick with such confidence and the love of Jesus Christ."

—Robin from Chesapeake, Virgina