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Things to Come - A Study in Biblical Eschatology

Things to Come - A Study in Biblical Eschatology image
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By J. Dwight Pentecost

This is the groundbreaking, monumental text that synthesized the entire field of prophecy into a unified biblical doctrine. It provides a systematic and complete interpretation of biblical covenants, prophecies of this age and its end, the Tribulation, Second Advent, Millennium, and the eternal city. Includes an extensive bibliography and index.

With nearly a quarter of a million copies sold, Things to Come has earned its place in the library of the pastor, the scholar, and the seminarian or Bible institute student. In addition, it offers a comprehensive and accessible study for anyone interested in the important subject of biblical prophecy.

  • Pages: 633
  • Code: BC12
  • ISBN: 0-8254-2115-2