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The End Times

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By Herman Hoyt

Man's instinctive search for knowledge of the future has been the stimulation of countless volumes on eschatology. The End Times systematically organizes this diversified information into a thorough, readable, and easily comprehensible analysis of the subject.

In the first chapter the author lists and defines necessary and helpful terms used by eschatologists. He then examines the doctrines of physical death, the controversial intermediate state, and the eternal existence.

The End Times is a thorough, well-documented treatise of premillenial, pretribulation eschatology, with the consideration given to conflicting viewpoints. Included in this study are Christ's second coming (and its relationship to the church and the Antichrist), the resurrections, and divine judgements. An unfolding panoramic view of the ultimate end of the present order!

  • Pages: 256
  • Code: BY23
  • ISBN: 978-0884690771