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The Coming Apocalypse

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$8.95 USD

A Study of Replacement Theology vs. God's Faithfulness in the End-Times.

This outstanding new work by Dr. Renald E. Showers explains how anti-Semitism infected the church, altered its doctrine about Israel and the Jewish people, and is impacting a world that will welcome the Antichrist.

“Renald Showers has put his finger on why Replacement Theology should be rejected.”
—Dr. Mike Stallard, dean, Baptist Bible Seminary

“This book helps us understand how wrong doctrine will impact the coming world apocalypse. . . . Excellent scholarship, highly readable, and a must-read for anyone interested in the truth about what lies ahead.”
—Jimmy DeYoung, world-renowned prophecy teacher.

  • Pages: 118
  • Code: B13
  • ISBN: 978-0-925540-07-2