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Everlasting Light Hanukkah Card (5 cards and envelopes)

Everlasting Light Hanukkah Card (5 cards and envelopes) image
$5.00 USD

Lights from the ancient story tell
Of how, when all seems lost, it’s never the end.
For empires, yes, they rise and fall
Like leaves from the trees before winter’s chill.
But for the land of the Jew and Abram’s seed
Although the light flickers from time to time
It’s never fully extinguished, and never will be.
For the heart and soul of Hanukkah
Are hope and promise unaltered by situation or fading trial.

For God is in His heaven
And etches on the landscape of time how it will be.
So we celebrate past glories that illuminate the future
Knowing all is never lost, and it’s never really the end.

Wishing you and your family
a wondrous Hanukkah!

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